Hello there!

My name is Stacy, I'm an artist residing in Ventura, Ca.

I enjoy working with watercolor, pen, acrylic and sculpture.
My main focus is exotic watercolor.

It all began when I stumbled upon a sex shop down this little alley, up a narrow stair case, in a small room filled with toys, lingerie and a library. I sat down and sifted through some books. I came upon a book on the Vagina. I bought it, brought it home and started to read. I soon realized, as a woman in my mid twenties, I didn't know a lot about myself. I couldn't label the Vagina, I didn't know exactly what I enjoyed and what I didn't.

That moment changed me. I started to do research, educate myself and explore. It challenged me to ask myself why I enjoy certain things over others. I wondered, what was something outside my comfort zone that I would try, verses something I wouldn't. Since I've started this "Self discovery", I feel that I have come into my own. I think Sex is a relative thing, it's something a decent amount of people enjoy and can relate to. But in many cultures it is taboo to talk about, uncomfortable and leaves people with questions. That MUST change. Sex is something we should talk about, celebrate and educate ourselves as well as others. It should be safe, with open communication, no assumptions and consensual.

I think ART is a great way to start a conversation. And what's better than talking about Sex

If you enjoy my art and my message, help me create more Amazing exotic watercolor paintings. Help me spread my message throughout the world and ultimately make relationships easier, people more confident, more open to ask questions and end miscommunication.

My mom once joyously said, "Love is a wonderful thing!" -Mom
Let's Love more...More fiercely, more confidently, more openly

"Love what you do, do what you Love"
"Be the change
you want to see"

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